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Definition of Services

Acupuncture Therapy

The insertion of thin sterile needles into points on the body that prompt your own natural healing process by restoring the flow and balance of blood and energy in the mind-body and returns the body to optimal functioning. Learn More


A complementary therapy that uses aromatic essential oils derived from plants and administered by inhalation or application to specific acupoints to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

Crystal Therapy

Involves placing precious gemstones on the body as conduits for healing to draw out negative energy, allow positive energy to flow, locate blockages, cleanse the chakras and aura, and protect the body.

Electric Stimulation

A therapeutic treatment that uses electrical impulses applied at the motor point of a muscle or specific acupoints at healing frequency to elicit muscle contraction and ease muscle spasm, pain and atrophy, stimulate neurological response, or provide constant needle stimulus.

Fire Cupping Therapy 

An ancient healing modality where fire applied to glass cups create a suction for deep tissue detoxification up to 4 inches below the skin that reduces pain and inflammation, dispels stagnant blood and lymph, relaxes spasm and sedates the nervous system.

Gua Sha

A flat tool is used in a unilateral motion to press and stroke the skin and release sha, or unhealthy elements from the tissue, producing an anti-inflammatory and immune protective response, stimulating blood flow, and triggering the body's natural healing process.

Guided Meditation

Verbal guidance is provided to effortlessly direct the patient to a meditative state to enhance the mind-body connection and deep relaxation.

Herbal Prescription

Chinese herbal formulas are natural plant compounds of roots, seeds, leaves, bark and flowers, prescribed to address specific symptoms and enhance or compliment the balance of energy achieved through acupuncture treatment.

Infrared Heat

Lamps with infrared wavelengths directed at areas of concern that penetrate 2 inches into deep tissue to improve circulation, hydration and oxygenation, decrease pain and inflammation, increase whie blood cells and enzyme activity, and release toxin and cellular waste.

Liniment Application

A medicated topical preparation of chinese herbs or essential oils are applied to the source of discomfort to relieve pain, inflammation and stagnant blood.


A traditional therapy where the herb Ai Ye/Mugwort/Artemisia Vulgaris is burned on or near specific acupoints or meridians to warm and invigorate the flow of qi, strengthen the blood and dispel pathogenic influence.


A spiritual healing art based on the tradition of channeling positive source energy in a series of hand positions applied to the body that cleanses the chakras, clears the aura field, restores and enhances well-being, promotes deep relaxation, and activates natural healing.

Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

Diagnostic tools used in Traditional Eastern Medicine where the size, shape, color, coating and markings of the tongue and the quality of 12 pulse positions are observed in order to asses internal conditions and imbalance in the meridian system.

Tui Na Therapy

Medical therapeutic healing system that uses specific manual techniques and passive movement on muscles, tendons, joints and acu-points to facilitate the healing process by increasing circulation, mobility and relaxation.

Tips for an amazing treatment!

Arrive early on your first appointment to fill out paperwork and allow for full treatment time.

Comfortable or loose clothing is great for treatment but if you need to disrobe drapes are always provided.

Some foods and drink can stain the tongue (candy, coffee, soda, etc) so refrain from ingesting prior to treatment. Brushing the tongue can strip the true coating and also alter diagnostic accuracy, so try to leave it natural the day of treatment.

Bodywork on an empty stomach can sometimes cause dizziness or nausea so be sure to have a bite to eat and allow appropriate amount of time for digestion before your session.

If you have any concerns, fears or questions, never hesitate to ask. Try your best to be open with your practitioner because the more details we know, the better we can design specific treatments tailored to your needs. There is no such thing as TMI here, and there is never judgement in our treatment room.

After diagnostics and needle insertion, you will be still on the table for approximately 30 minutes. Try your best to breath deeply and relax into the sensations. If you feel anxious or need frequent check-ins, feel free to tell your practitioner so we can assist in making this the most comfortable experience for you.


True natural healing comes gradually and cumulatively with small incremental changes. We must be patient with the healing process in order to reap the greatest benefits. Compliance to your recommended treatment plan will bring about the best results. You may notice your other systems improving before your main concern responds. These small improvements are indications of the great leaps and bounds to come in the healing process. Sometimes there is the miracle patient that has one treatment and needs no follow up, but these cases are very rare. It usually takes repeated treatments to bring long lasting results, especially when our ailments have become chronic for many years. We usually know within 3-4 treatments how your individual response is to the medicine. At that time, we reevaluate and make changes as applicable. In general, for acute conditions it will take 4-6 treatments and for chronic conditions 10 or more.  However, everyone responds differently and heals at their own rate. 

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