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Imani Cummings, LAc

"She exudes a peacefulness that enters into the treatment. The physical and mental are never separated. Imani's kindness and sense of humor are as healing as the acupuncture and cupping treatments. I have always felt cared for as a person and not just a patient."

-Laurie H.

"She has both the intuitive and scientific acumen to identify imbalances with my body. What sets Imani apart from other acupuncturists is her deep knowledge of Reiki. I have been with her for 3 years and have always noticed rapid transformational change."

-May N.

"I was seeing another acupuncturist for a year and did not receive the same results. If you're contemplating trying acupuncture, Imani is the best solution you'll find. Her technique is extremely gentle, yet effective. She is one of the rare healers this world needs."

-Jessica D.

About Us

Natural Healing

So many walk along the streets of New York City stressed, angry, defeated, fatigued with poor sleep, headache, upset stomach, neck and back pain. You go about your life feeling far from your best. If this sounds like you, it’s time to finally do something about it.

Our goal at Acupuncture Therapy Studio is to provide alternative medical care in a tranquil environment using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine. Our practitioners are trained to cater to your unique comfort levels and are able to provide a deeper healing of mental, emotional, and physical ailments. 

Why wait? Take an hour out of your week to enter the oasis at Acupuncture Therapy Studio and slow down to focus on your healing, correct your imbalance, restore your flow of energy, relieve pain in the mind-body, detoxify, cleanse and improve your quality of life. 

"Seeing Imani for treatments is a regular part of my health regimen and has greatly improved my quality of life. A session with her is such a pleasant escape from this crazy, busy, exciting city!"

-Marissa S.

Complimentary consultations are available to discuss how our therapy will benefit your specific health concerns.

Our Staff

Acupuncture Therapy Studio offers natural solutions to many of your health concerns

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Offered Services

Common Treatments

chronic and acute pain

hip knee ankle and feet

sciatica and disc herniations

bell's palsy and neuralgia

neck back and shoulder pain

arthritis and bursitis 

stenosis and scoliosis 

fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue 

headache and migraine

mental-emotional-physical balance

stress reduction and relaxation

general anxiety and depression

insomnia and sleep disorders

spiritual and mental health

drug and alcohol dependance

psoriasis and eczema

acne and facial rejuvenation

hypertension tinnitus and vertigo

digestive ailments

metabolism management

weight control and cravings

gas bloating and indigestion

constipation and loose stool

irritable bowel syndrome

celiac disease and lactose intolerance

gastritis and colitis

heartburn and GERD

respiratory illness

poor immunity



ear nose and throat ailments

common cold and flu



smoking cessation

reproductive health

hormonal imbalance

low libido 

erectile dysfunction

male/female fertility difficulties

premenstrual syndrome

painful menses and fibroids

pre/post natal support

menopausal symptoms

system disorder and disease

pulmonary and cardiovascular 

neurological and psychological

orthopedic and musculoskeletal

endocrine and autoimmune




chemotherapy side effects

"She was beyond supportive, patient and comforting, helping me through many struggles, and was even able to treat me with my intense fear of needles. I trust her completely and feel lucky to have had her help through such monumental moments in my life."

-Laura K.

"She treats with such kindness, humanity and thoughtfulness, with a compassion that is rare in the healthcare industry. I've had less doctors appointments and my colds are shorter, thanks to Imani. She is professional and empathetic to all her patient's needs and ails.

-Mallory M.

"Over the past 4 years I have come to depend on her in tough times or just unsettled times, when my energy did not seem quite right, and in all cases she manages to shift me into a more healthy place. She's my (and my family's) go-to health care provider.

-Daniel L.

Open Your Mind

Acupuncture is an ancient time tested medicine over 3000 years old and available for our use in the modern world. Natural medicine can successfully treat and resolve many chronic and acute diseases from the root, rather than just trimming the branches by suppressing the symptoms. If you do not find the root, the branches will continue to grow, like a weed blooming through concrete.

It is believed that there are energetic rivers that connect our bodies from head to toe and connect our skin to our internal organs. These rivers are called the meridian system. In our meridians, qi (chi), electricity, life force, or however you conceptualize this energy, courses through in a specific flow and direction. Each meridian has a specific set of points and each point has a set of functions and indications that will influence the physiology of the body. These acupoints will reprogram the mind-body to its most optimal functioning. By clearing the energetic pathway, we can restore the proper flow of energy and prompt the body to heal itself.

When the qi energy stagnates or becomes obstructed, this is what causes pain, pathology and the beginnings of disease in the body. Small aches and pains gone untreated can eventually turn in to chronic pain issues. Occasional sadness and insomnia can easily bloom into full blown anxiety and depression. Poor digestion is an early indicator of gastrointestinal imbalance and systemic inflammation. An irregular cycle can be a warning sign of poor reproductive health and premature failing fertility. And so on...

In fact, there is concrete scientific evidence as to why and how acupuncture works! We know that when an acupuncture needle is inserted, there are measured physiological changes that happen in the body. The microtrauma triggers a healing histamine response in the body. Blood vessels vasodialate to increase circulation to areas of concern. Healing chemicals of the brain are released; our natural painkillers and mood stabilizers such as endorphins begin to take effect. Nerve endings are stimulated and pain impulses to the brain are interrupted, causing a very powerful analgesic effect. The result is a body that is better equipped to manage it's own symptoms, a decreased perception of illness, pain or discomfort and a greater sense of well being.

You can integrate natural medicine into your health management regimen to compliment and enhance your existing western medical treatment. Find out where your imbalances lie and correct them before they transform into major disorders. Pay attention to the signs your body tells you as they can be precursors to poor health and eventually disease.

There is no need to believe in these theories to experience the power of natural healing. Try it out for yourself, or explore more in-depth testimonials! 


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